Whilst much of the focus is now shifting to the new crop of Parliamentarians that are entering the House, we believe it is worth looking at what we are losing in the process.

Before anyone has lost their seat, we are seeing 132 MPs stand down at this election:

Whilst the scale of change and numbers of MPs standing down is significant, it is actually slightly lower than the number that stood down in 2010.  2010 recorded the highest ever number of MP’s standing down at 149, in the wake of the expenses’ scandal, the global economic crash and an expected change of Government.

This eventually turned into a churn of 225 MPs — or 35%. With the results as currently predicted, it is likely that we will see this repeated or even exceeded.

In the process, we are losing thousands of years of Parliamentary experience and hundreds of years of Government service.


In our analysis, we look at what we’re losing and what the once in a generation opportunity for change.