Politics is changing.The future is devolved.

For 30 years our team has been at the forefront of devolution

We are passionate about the devolution agenda and have been part of the debate since the mid-1990s. 

It is this passion that led to the founding of DevoConnect, the UK’s first consultancy focused on English devolution in 2016 before merging with national public affairs and strategic communications agency Inflect in 2023.

Since 2016 our team has led the field as the first and premier ‘devo’ public affairs agency; the only public affairs agency in the UK to focus on how best to effect change through a devolved lens.

Devolution is the future

In 1996, the then Secretary of State for Wales described devolution as “a process, not an event”. That has proven to be prophetic as not only do the devolved national administrations continue to evolve, but more and more authority and spending power have been devolved away from Westminster to regional and local authorities.

The trend is only moving in one direction – with stakeholders, budgets and decision-making all devolving at pace, you need a consultancy that understands devolution and what it means for you.


We are the UK's leading devolution public affairs agency

Since 2016 we have been at the forefront of devolution public affairs. We were the first devo-specialist consultancy and are still the only agency that truly sees politics through a devolved lens.

In today’s politics, your stakeholders are no longer just London-centric, we allow you to engage across multiple locations with one strategy, one voice and one agency.

Devo public affairs

Our devolution-specialist public affairs team in Manchester was the first dedicated devo team when it was established in 2016 and we remain the leading devolution consultancy in the UK to this day.

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We run a huge range of events to help people engage in the devolution process, from private roundtables to big conferences like the Northern Transport Summit or the Northern Powerhouse Education, Employment & Skills Summit.

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