Predict the result and win a Fortnum & Mason Hamper!

Do you have your finger on the pulse of the country? Predict the results of the 2024 General Election and you could win a Fortnum and Mason Hamper full of lovely goodies, along with the bragging rights of the UK public affairs industry!

Submit your entry!

Enter your predictions for each party below! Remember, your total number of seats should add up to 650.

    The boring bit

    The Rules

    The winner will be deemed to be the person who has the least variance in each of the seat totals once the final results are ratified – i.e. if Labour win 300 seats and you guess at 350 or 250, then your variance on that guess will be 50. The person with the lowest variance across all the seats will be the winner.

    Only one entry per person, if you would like to change your submission get in touch – hello@inflect.co.uk.

    Your submission is final and cannot be changed after you submit.

    In the event of a tie, the person who submitted their entry earliest will be deemed the winner.