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The UK housing sector is facing challenges on multiple fronts

Having a good home underpins everything from public health, to social mobility and educational outcomes. And yet for years, the UK housing sector has been underfunded and unloved. Successive governments have shirked the challenge of house-building, whilst programmes like ‘Right to Buy’ and cuts to local authority funding have decimated the available social housing stock.

With post-Grenfell fire safety remediation work taking priority, general maintenance has taken a hit. Chronic underfunding means that too many homes have serious problems with damp or disrepair. Urban overcrowding is rife.

With net-zero ambitions and new energy efficiency measures on the horizon, house-building targets still routinely missed, and the population in urban centres continuing to grow, the crisis in UK housing is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

At Inflect Partners, we understand your world and the unique pressures that come when you are dealing with people’s homes.

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Why Inflect

Sector and professional experience with impact

A unique blend of skills for the housing sector

Inflect Partners offers a unique blend of housing sector and professional communications experience that meets the challenges of working in the built environment.

Our team have been in-house at RPs, served as local councillors and worked as consultants to associations and developers.

We also have a blend of corporate, internal and stakeholder communications experience, aligned with sales and marketing techniques, that can help you communicate to your diverse and divergent audiences.

From big brand communications, to individual letters about service charge actuals, we have been there and done it.

Our housing offer

We understand the complex network of stakeholders that you have to navigate when you work in housing, keeping all of them informed and on side can be a challenge. Inflect can offer a holistic range of communications and operatinoal services to help protect and enhance your reputation. Crucially, we understand the processes behind the scenes as well – too often a communications problem can be avoided with process improvement or better performance management, and we can help with that too.

Corporate communications

From brand communications, to public affairs, local government or stakeholder engagement and crisis comms, we have you covered.

Resident communications

Effective resident communications can transform their experience and happiness, drive Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) and reduce staff time dealing with complaints.

Internal communications

Good internal comms is vital in a sector where residents and stakeholders can have multiple touchpoints with an organisation. We have designed, implemented and managed internal communications programmes for RPs, developers and in adjacent sectors.

Content strategy

Your content should reinforce your messaging and tell story about your brand values. Too often content is relegated to an afterthought when it can and should be an essential part of your corporate communications mix.

Performance Frameworks

We have experience of reviewing existing and implementing new performance management frameworks to ensure clarity of reporting and alignment with your corporate strategy.


Your website will often be the first and most frequent touchpoint for your stakeholders, and particularly residents. We have experience of designing, building or refreshing websites in the sector to maximise your stakeholder impact.

Process management

Reputational challenges in the housing sector often start with inadequate processes. We have experience of process review, design and improvement to ensure that your processes are driving the correct outcomes and can be called upon when needed.

CRM and systems

Underpinning your processes must be robust and widely-adopted systems. Froms CRMs, to marketing tools and housing management systems, we can help make sure your systems work with your processes and people to drive the correct outcomes for your residents.

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