Inflect and DevoConnect merge to create unique market proposition

Strategic communications agency Inflect Partners, and devolution specialist agency DevoConnect are delighted to announce they have merged to create a strong and unique brand proposition in the UK marketplace.

The merger combines the talents and capabilities of some of the most senior and leading UK public affairs and communications professionals, and forges together the success of the premier ‘devo’ public affairs agency, DevoConnect, with the strategic capability of Inflect. 

The new agency combines decades of experience working in Westminster with a team of devolution experts, providing insight, intelligence and understanding of the increasingly complex network of relationships that organisations need to navigate to engage with policy-making locally, regionally and nationally. 

The agency will operate as one team from its London and Manchester offices, and is supported by a wider network of Associates with sector, regional and devolved expertise.

Announcing the merger, Emily Wallace, Managing Director of Inflect said: “We founded Inflect to help businesses respond to the challenges of the future. The trend is clear, future policies and decisions will not be shaped, informed and influenced by Westminster alone. When our national priority is building strong regional economies to drive UK growth, we are delighted to be building our business by adding the expertise of the UK’s leading ‘devo’ agency.”

Harry Shackleton, Director of Inflect, said: “Building partnerships and collaborations is at the core of how we like to operate and developing new coalitions and platforms for engagement will continue to be a core part of our business. We will be looking to further develop our strong portfolio of events and campaigns such as the Northern Transport Summit and the Northern Powerhouse Education Employment and Skills Summit, as well as develop new platforms to help drive positive change across the country.” 

Gill Morris, Chair of Inflect, said: “The merger provides an unprecedented opportunity to further my commitment to building a stronger “voice” for  English towns, cities and regions. I am so proud of the success that DevoConnect has achieved over the past 6 years creating consensus, building collaboration and making change happen.  Now, with the promise of wider and deeper devolution to come, the DevoInflect brand will give us the capacity and capability to do even more to influence and shape the devolved landscape and future policy. I am so excited to be working with Emily (again) and Harry and, most of all, that I will have more time to champion devolution and helping to grow this unique agency.”