Let’s face it, 2020 is going to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Most of us can’t wait to get to the end of it, the desire to make it through is palpable, there is a yearning for that new year, a fresh start, the moment we can pull ourselves up to standing, pat ourselves down, check we survived, face forward and step into 2021 optimistic that it can’t possibly be worse. Can it?

2020 has been a defining moment for the human race, and it changes everything. For those of you trying to carry on as you were before. Stop. Look up, the world has changed.  

However stoic you have been, the truth is that we’ve all been touched by this experience, we will all think differently as a result of this year, we have learned more about ourselves, and thought more about who and what we want from life. We will all be different. 

In life you have these moments, that is not unusual, what is unusual is that the whole world has gone through it together.

Trends that were evident before the pandemic have been accelerated. This pandemic has jumped us into the future. It will be a shock to the system, changes that would have taken a decade have happened in a year. Changes to the way we work, when we travel, where we shop and how we communicate. 

We don’t yet know what the new normal will look like but we do know that the old normal is gone for good.   

For those of us that embrace change, that don’t mind a bit of uncertainty, that are mostly optimists and look for the opportunities in life. This feels exciting. 

Personally I see this as an opportunity to do something new, start afresh, and build a consultancy that is firmly focussed on the future, but at the same time, goes back to basics.

We’ve brought together a unique skills mix, three Partners, with overlapping and complementary skills that share a no nonsense, hands on approach and a desire to create value for clients. That’s it. Simple. 

We want to shape the world of tomorrow, to help businesses think through their new normal, to understand the impact of 2020 on their future. The implications for customers, regulators, employees and the new challenges and priorities for policymakers. 

We’ve known each other for years, worked together before. And honestly it’s the team I’d want by my side if I was working through a period of change, and keeping all the plates spinning in the air. 

If we need additional skills we have a great network of associates to draw on, and longer term we want to build a business that is best in class, that provides opportunities for the next generation of leaders to grow and develop, all while keeping the need to deliver value to our clients at its core. 

So we’re launching a new consultancy. We’re Inflect Partners and we’re excited to tell you more.

Come and say hello!

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