Responsible business

As an organisation committed to helping our clients deliver social value, we practice what we preach

Diversity & Inclusion

We are passionate about modelling highest standards of equality, diversity and inclusion in our workforce, eliminating unlawful discrimination and challenging unconscious bias in all contexts.

Promoting diversity isn’t just a moral imperative, it’s good business.

Diverse organisations outperform those who lack diversity by 36% on average, meaning failing to embrace diversity could be holding back your business.

Mental health & wellbeing

Well-being and mental health are incredibly important to us. As a consultancy who’s product is its people, the happier and more engaged our people are the better service we will provide to our clients.

We insist on work-life balance, prize transparency and openness and offer flexibility and support to ensure our people have options no matter what situation they face in their personal or professional lives so that they can bring their best selves to work and to our clients.


We aim to minimise our environmental impact in everything we do, and if we can’t avoid a negative impact we find ways to offset.

As a people-based consultancy we have a minimal supply chain, but from operating a paperless office to choosing sustainable and ethical products in our procurement, we ensure that environment is a key factor in our decision-making.


We recognise that professional communications, and especially lobbying, sometimes suffers from an image problem. This stems often from the perception of  suspicious motives or hidden influence.

We commit to upholding the highest ethical standards and transparency in the industry, abiding by a voluntary code of conduct and publicly declaring all of our public affairs clients.

We also commit to never work for tobacco, arms companies or human rights abusers.

Supply chain

We are committed to making sustainable and ethical choices with our supply chain wherever possible, both in the manner in which we procure them and the behaviours of our suppliers.

Modern Slavery

Whilst we are below the size that mandates a modern slavery statement, we will not tolerate slavery or human trafficking and are committed to ensuring that it does not take place in our supply chains.