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Campaigns, coalitions and platforms to deliver positive change

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What we do

We provide insight, develop policy, build reputations, communicate ideas and create advocates locally, regionally and nationally, working in partnership and through collaboration

With the Devolution agenda continuing to reshape the way decisions are made across the UK, we have the team, the skills and the experience to help.

Our team has decades of experience in navigating the political environment, in Westminster, in the Nations and at a regional and local level.

We build campaigns and coaltions to build awareness, shape opinions and change policy at a local, regional and national level.

We understand the value of events and how to maximise their impact. From a moment in a campaign, to a public affairs tactic, or a reception to engage and promote, events are in our blood.

We understand the importance of reputation and the communications skills required to build, enhance and protect one.

We create platforms and optimise existing ones.  From positioning, communications, brand or sales and marketing, we can create a platform that delivers strategically and commercially.

We advise on strategy, transformation and performance across a variety of key functions in an organisation, from comms to sales, training to governance.

We offer a range of training services, from bespoke team training to scheduled open courses, there is something for every need and budget.

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Our sector specialisms

We have worked in almost every sector with clients of all shapes, sizes and structures, both in the UK and around the world. However, there are a number of areas where we have a particularly significant amount of experience and can add additional value.

Climate change is the defining issue of our age and we are committed to helping drive change by supporting organisations that are working toward a net zero future. We also run the Net Zero APPG in Westminster.

We are transport experts and have worked with major names in transport and infrastructure nationally, locally and regionally, as well as running a major annual transport event, the Northern Transport Summit.

We have worked across the education and skills sectors, from early years to apprenticeships and everything in between. We also run the annual Northern Powerhouse, Education, Employment and Skills Summit.

From supporting the staff side unions in the NHS, to helping an innovative medical device company or running the Future Social Care Coaltion, health and social care is in our DNA.

Housing is one of the defining issues facing the UK, we work with people across the sector to deliver better outcomes for developers, associations, asset owners and residents.

We have worked with not-for-profit organisations for years and understand the environments they operate in and the specific requirements of their complex network of stakeholders.

Trade associations, professional bodies and trade unions are unique types of organisations with important roles to play in our social and economic society. We understand this unique environment and have spent years working with member organisations.

Higher education and research institutes are increasingly focused on impact, we have developed a proprietary training programme for academic and research institutions to give teams the theoretical and practical skills necessary to achieve policy impact on an ongoing basis.

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